I'm On a BOAT!

So.. My name is Danny Do. lol.
I am Boston born but never home.
I am enlisted in the United States Navy.
I love food, whether it be going out to eat or trying out new recipes and ingredients. I love being active and almost a gym rat, however, my food obsession/diet kinda.. puts me back a bit, but oh well. :D

Sneak peak! Still a bit rough. Going to apply wood glue and gesso to smoothen out everything.

It’s been 9 months since I’ve even touched League…

Promise this is the last one lol #tbt to last year when I was deployed to Bahrain. I was 170lbs. Now I’m sitting at 200 T.T. I need to get my motivation back. Maybe another new deployment goal?

3 races, 2 days, 27 total miles, and a sprained ankle. Spartan Trifecta New Year’s resolution COMPLETE!

And the trifecta is complete!

2 races down, one more to go! 23 brutal miles… last 4 mile stretch! Let’s get it!

Let’s make this a 15 mile one… so dead.. 2 more races, 12 more miles to go tomorrow. #Spartanracetrifecta2014

Oh, you know, just getting fat. Or gainz. Probably just fat…

Mario and Luigi came in! :D

Pho-nominal. The usual Sunday recovery

Happy Father’s Day, Pops! You and your lame “I can do one arm pull ups” (because a gust of wind can carry you), or your extremely nimble, wtf kind of freestyle swimming (mind you it really is fast), your “hey look, 3 hooks, 3 fish”

Sunset at sea huh? At least something came out right today. Lol tty all later!

I take after somebody… xD again, Happy Mother’s Day! She is so lucky… chomping on dat Bahston Lobstah!

Le Mother’s Day over Skype :D Thousands of miles apart but I still love you, mom!



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