I'm On a BOAT!

So.. My name is Danny Do. lol.
I am Boston born but never home.
I am enlisted in the United States Navy.
I love food, whether it be going out to eat or trying out new recipes and ingredients. I love being active and almost a gym rat, however, my food obsession/diet kinda.. puts me back a bit, but oh well. :D

Mario and Luigi came in! :D

Pho-nominal. The usual Sunday recovery

Happy Father’s Day, Pops! You and your lame “I can do one arm pull ups” (because a gust of wind can carry you), or your extremely nimble, wtf kind of freestyle swimming (mind you it really is fast), your “hey look, 3 hooks, 3 fish”

Sunset at sea huh? At least something came out right today. Lol tty all later!

I take after somebody… xD again, Happy Mother’s Day! She is so lucky… chomping on dat Bahston Lobstah!

Le Mother’s Day over Skype :D Thousands of miles apart but I still love you, mom!



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Baked zucchini with tomatoes topped with a honey balsamic dressing

Dry rub bbq chicken and a chipotle lemon cilantro butter shrimp :)

Rotini and meatballs! Everything is homemade! well… Not the multigrain pasta lol

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Sautéed tofu and tomatoes on brown rice :D

Goku is getting his pump on! LOL

W.T.F. GRAND OPENING IS TOMORROW! Get in there like swimwear. First 10 customers snag a limited edition W.T.F. t-shirt. Every customer will be entered I’m a raffle to win a $100 Simon’s gift card! Doors are open from 12PM-9PM, let’s get Wicked Twisted!

It’s been a while since I did some meal prepping… Tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch: simple egg scrambled with spinach and garlic and for lunch, a lemon garlic shrimp on mixed veggie fried rice. No meat for lent going strong!