I'm On a BOAT!

So.. My name is Danny Do. lol.
I am Boston born but never home.
I am enlisted in the United States Navy.
I love food, whether it be going out to eat or trying out new recipes and ingredients. I love being active and almost a gym rat, however, my food obsession/diet kinda.. puts me back a bit, but oh well. :D

Baked zucchini with tomatoes topped with a honey balsamic dressing

Dry rub bbq chicken and a chipotle lemon cilantro butter shrimp :)

Rotini and meatballs! Everything is homemade! well… Not the multigrain pasta lol

(via aguysmind)

Sautéed tofu and tomatoes on brown rice :D

Goku is getting his pump on! LOL

W.T.F. GRAND OPENING IS TOMORROW! Get in there like swimwear. First 10 customers snag a limited edition W.T.F. t-shirt. Every customer will be entered I’m a raffle to win a $100 Simon’s gift card! Doors are open from 12PM-9PM, let’s get Wicked Twisted!

It’s been a while since I did some meal prepping… Tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch: simple egg scrambled with spinach and garlic and for lunch, a lemon garlic shrimp on mixed veggie fried rice. No meat for lent going strong!

Sushi game is strong

Caught my first wave lol

Avocado and veggie scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese and Greek yogurt with a veggie burger and home made hummus

Wicked Twisted Froyo soft opening! Frozen yogurt… with a wicked twist! Enjoy the freshly hand made froyo mixed right in front of you with toppings of your choice! Grand opening Spring 2014

Can’t escape it, it runs in our blood. Lol

Like no other right now… lol

Sesame braised pork baos!